California Coastal CleanUp Day Results

Join the Laguna team to help clean up our beaches!

California Coastal CleanUp Day Results

Clara Svedlund

Hi everyone,

Saturday’s Coastal Cleanup Day was a great success! This was the 10th year for Laguna Blanca School hosting the table at Miramar/Hammonds.

93 participants picked up 221.8 pounds of trash and 19 pounds of recycling from Hammonds/Miramar Beach! (with even more trash still on the beach! L)

A special thank you to Allison Armstrong for being my co-captain again this year and running the table on Saturday. Thank you to Andrew Wooden for taking time out of his Saturday morning to help us at the table (while also running over to watch the LBS volleyball game at Cate!).

About 60, or 65%, of participants were representing LAGUNA BLANCA SCHOOLWe had students from all three divisions, Faculty, and Admin participate this year. THANK YOU!

Thank you to all of the following participants and to the following staff

Tara Broucqsault

Paul Chiment

Bojana Hill

Molly Markstrum

Katie Pointer

Andy Surber

Mary Surber

Amanda Whalen

Andrew Wooden

Thanks to all of you, the Coast is cleaner! Thanks for making year 10 a success!


Additionally, Lower School students and Faculty cleaned our school grounds on Friday afternoon, collecting about 4.5 pounds of trash from the campus! Way to go!


With gratitude,