California Coastal CleanUp Day is Coming

Join the Laguna team to help clean up our beaches!

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California Coastal CleanUp Day is Coming

Clara Svedlund

Hello all,

Please join us on Saturday, September 21 between 9 a.m. to Noon for California Coastal Cleanup Day (in it’s 35th year)!


–          Bring Your Own (B.Y.O.) bucket or reusable bag, and/or gardening gloves, Help us cut down our waste. To find out more about our efforts to make this a less wasteful event, visit this page:

–          MS and US volunteers under 18 who are cleaning the beach without a parent/guardian MUST bring a signed waiver with a parent or guardian signature. The form can be found on the community service page (thanks Trish!). Everyone else signs the waiver at the beach.

–          Download the Clean Swell app for easy data entry

–          Wear sunscreen, close-toed shoes, water, and a hat. Please wear your LagunaWear!

LBS is hosting the table for the TENTH year at Miramar/Hammonds Beach (San Ysidro Road exit) in Montecito.

We’d appreciate it if everyone could help to spread the word about this important LBS event. It is an opportunity for EK-12 to give back to the community and provide service.Students get community service hours for participating!

Please let me know if you are interested in helping to host the table. We’d love the help. We’d especially love an US representative, but will welcome any and all help! J Things that we will need help with on the day of are helping people check in (sign waiver, handing out supplies, …), helping people check out (make sure data sheet is completed, weigh and sort trash and recycling, …), and data entry into the Clean Swell app (

There are resources for educators on the CCD website if you’d like to run activities in advisory or your classroom. Thank you in advance!

School yard cleanups count! We will run one on the Lower School campus on Friday, September 20th.

Allison and I learned some great facts at our beach captain meeting on Wednesday evening. Cigarette butts are the #1 most collected item for 34th straight year! 8 of the top 10 are single-use disposable plastics. Coastal Cleanup Day is the largest cleanup effort in the world, thanks to citizen scientists. 70,000 people participated in California in 2018, and 400,000 people worldwide. Data collected at Coastal Cleanup Day is used in many ways, including legislation.

Currently, Santa Barbara County is going through major modifications in its recycling program. The only plastics that will be accepted for recycling are clean #1 and #2 plastics that are more than 6 inches long. Every other plastic item is considered trash!

Print and sign the waiver

 Sign Waiver file:///Users/tmchale/Downloads/CCD%20waiver%202019%20(2).pdf

Let’s make this year’s 10th annual event for LBS even more successful… See you at the beach!


Clara Svedlund (LS) and Allison Armstrong (MS)

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