A Trip into the Wilderness


Students cross the creek while heading to camp


Building a toilet and clearing up trails in the back-country are not conventional ways to spend a spring break. Yet, those are exactly what nine students did last break.

Clear sky and beautiful natural scenery made up for the pain that resulted from hiking seven miles with a backpack that held everything that each of us had to rely on to survive, from tents to sleeping bag to food.

Freshmen Harrison Jones recalled the work he had to do: “I consider myself a hiking person but it’s surprising that I have never really appreciated the maintenance done on the trail. Most importantly, we build a toilet that could potentially benefit the hikers for four to five years! It’s a lot of work, but I like it.”

The biggest reward for the hard work was the feast at the end of each day that included all types of energy bars along with the breath-taking scenery.

College counselor and trip leader Matt Struckmeyer said, “For me, the most memorable moment was sitting on the waterfall’s edge with you guys, taking in an incredible view of the surrounding mountains and