Landon Neustadt – Humans of Laguna


Tracy Cao


Life is full of incredible experiences, and there are some insane things that happened in my life. I mean there must have been since I’m at the age 63. One of them is when I went on a skiing trip. I had an accident and I got rescued by a snowplow! Well, that was really pleasant…The other crazy thing is I got arrested twice. One of them was I protested at a nuclear power plant, so I had to go to jail for 10 days. It was the longest 10 days of my life! I met some unpleasant people there–I didn’t expect prisoners to be nice, but it was very horrifying. Being there made me think: I don’t believe in the traditional afterlife; rather, I borrow the organic material that is me–like my bones, muscles, and everything else–from the earth, the soil. I borrow my spirit from the energy of the universe, and then we bleed back into it.