No waste November!


Did you know November is one of our biggest gleaning months of the year?!

It’s officially mandarin season! Read on to sign up for one of the multitude of mass mandarin gleans!


We urgently need volunteers to lead other volunteers on gleans or to glean independently. We will provide training, the schedule is flexible and ideally you would like to volunteer at least once per month. If you are an experienced gleaner, comfortable managing others or just want a good excuse to be outside, contact: 
Spencer vonHershman
805-729-8309 or [email protected] 
Upcoming Gleans
November and December Gleans
Many gleans have been posted for November and December. You can access them by viewing the main Backyard Bounty calendar at this link. There are many opportunities taking place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays throughout these months helping glean our largest annual donor property.Backyard Bounty gleaning opportunities are a great way to teambuild alongside your co-workers, community group or family! It only takes a couple of hours to make a huge difference for people in our community who are facing hunger and build stronger connections, friendships and memories with your team or group.

Contact us now to set up a group glean!
Additionally, we always have a number of sites currently available for independent gleans in Santa Barbara, Goleta and Montecito for individuals or small groups. Most of these sites have 1-2 trees and could be completed in 1-2 hours. If you have experience and a few hours to volunteer, let us know and we can have you pick up supplies from our warehouse or we will deliver them to the site!
Call us at (805) 729-8309 for more information.