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The Fourth Estate made school history when it was named by Columbia as a finalist for its third consecutive Crown Award in News Hybrid Critique for print and digital publications.

The Fourth Estate was one of 20 hybrid magazines chosen as finalists for the CSPA Crown Award to be presented at Columbia University in March. Finalists are actual winners, not just nominees. Some will be announced as Gold Crowns; the rest are Silver Crowns.

Publications are judged on their excellence as shown by their design, photography, concept, coverage and writing. A total of 1,172 publications were eligible for judging. Additionally, for the first time the Fourth Estate earned All Columbian Honors in the Verbal category.

“I am so happy that the Fourth Estate received this prestigious award,” says Trish McHale, MJE, the Fourth Estate faculty advisor. “It is recognition for their dedication and hard work. This group published a first-ever Back-to-School issue, for which they sold ads to cover publishing costs.

Moving forward to December 2018, when our community was devastated by the Thomas Fire and the Montecito mudslides, they added pages to the February Issue to cover our community’s experience and to thank our first responders. The results of their efforts are some of the best coverage the Fourth Estate has ever produced. The February issue took first place in NSPA’s Best of Show newsmagazine competition in San Francisco, which was a first for us.”

See the three 2017-18 Editors-in-Chief reactions to the award below:

Rose Houglet ’18
“I feel so lucky and proud to have been a part of such a passionate, collaborative, and fun staff. We all worked so hard to transition the Fourth Estate into the newsmagazine that it is today and somehow managed to fit in some of the most hilarious and genuine moments of my time at Laguna — so being recognized for it by Columbia only makes it more special. The new staff members are in great hands, and I’m excited for them to experience those moments, too!

Carina Tedesco ’18
“It is wonderful to have the hard work of all of our staff members as well as our adviser and support system, Ms. McHale, recognized for the third time in a row with such an honor that is the Columbia Crown Award! I am so excited for the 20 new staff members this year who are about to experience such an impactful and special program, and I can’t wait to see what they produce!”

Aura Carlson ’18
“I am so proud of the Fourth Estate staff for all their hard work. I loved learning new things from what everyone wrote in articles and I enjoyed seeing how much the staff improved by the end of the year. I am also proud of each issue we made last year — especially the one in which we covered the Thomas Fire and the Mudslides. Having missed so much school due to both events and the trauma of the events themselves, it was one of the harder issues to create, but, after a lot of hard work, we were able to make something we were proud of. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to work alongside Carina and Rose; the magazine wouldn’t have been what it was without our collaboration and ability to power through any task at hand. I am so thankful for all of Ms. McHale’s constant care and support — I know the current staff is in good hands. I enjoyed all the laughs we had during the late nights and am so excited to hear that all our hard work has paid off!”


A huge congratulations to the Fourth Estate staff on this honor!

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