Summer Fun with Backyard Bounty

Thank you for all the lemon-aid, Santa Barbara!

Summer is in full swing and with Backyard Bounty that means fun in the sun picking fresh fruit and vegetables from generous sites all over Santa Barbara County. Thousands of pounds of avocados, grapefruits the size of your head, and crates upon crates of fresh, bright lemons! More people in the community learn about the program every day and we are happy to have the chance to give this fruit back the community and so thankful for your help. We are excited to have many opportunities coming up in the near future. Read on to learn when and where you can help out with Backyard Bounty this August and beyond! 



We urgently need volunteers to lead other volunteers on gleans or to glean independently. We will provide training, the schedule is flexible and ideally you would like to volunteer at least once per month. If you are an experienced gleaner, comfortable managing others or just want a good excuse to be outside, contact:
Spencer vonHershman
805-729-8309 or [email protected] 

Upcoming Gleans

Thursday, August 16th – Lemon Glean (Goleta)
1:00PM – 3:00PM
*click here to register*

Sunday, August 19th – Orange Glean (Carpinteria)
10:00AM – 12:00PM
*click here to register*

Additionally, we have a number of sites currently available for independent gleans in Santa Barbara, Goleta and Montecito for individuals or small groups. If you have experience and a few hours to volunteer, let us know and we can have you pick up supplies from our warehouse or we will deliver them to the site!
Call us at (805) 729-8309 for more information.
Backyard Bounty gleaning opportunities are a great way to teambuild alongside your co-workers, community group or family! It only takes a couple of hours to make a huge difference for people in our community who are facing hunger and build stronger connections, friendships and memories with your team or group.

Contact us any time to set up a group glean!
Want to help raise awareness for the Backyard Bounty program? We’re looking for friendly faces to represent us and spread the word of BYB! Pass out flyers about what we do, sign up some new volunteers and hang out in one of the most fun and fresh environments Santa Barbara has to offer.

We currently table at the Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market on Saturdays from 8:00AM-1:00PM. This market is located downtown at the corner of Santa Barbara Street and Cota Street. If you’re available to staff this shift or a portion of this shift, please get in touch with Spencer vonHershman – (805) 729-8309.

Have fruit to donate? Register your crop or contact us directly.
Bring a group to glean! For groups of 10+, contact us directly to coordinate.
When you see this truck around town, you know some picking is going down!

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