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Calligraphy and Handmade Letting

October 12, 2017

Calligraphy and handmade lettering – tips for beginners!

What do we need?: A pencil, an eraser, a piece of paper and a pen (it can either be a brush lettering pen or two separate ones: a thick and a small one).

How do we start?: Let your imagination fly, or open Pinterest (a great source of inspiration). Although there are a thousand letter fonts, to start, I’ve chosen 4 different styles: decorative, modern, doodle and parts and pieces. You’ll love them!



  1. Itziar de PedroStart by writing the word using cursive handwriting
  2. Vary the sizes and heights of the letters within a word (avoid straight lines)
  3. Prolong the starting and finishing letter of the word
  4. Slant your normal vertical lines at 60 degrees
  5. Upstrokes are thin and down strokes are thick



  1. Write in big round letters (this is especially used for titles)
  2. Make vertical lines of the letters double
  3. Design a pattern for the inside and keep it uniform throughout the word
  4. Subtitles are often written with tall skinny letters like the ones in the example


  1. Use uppercase letters and leave a space between them
  2. Rewrite the same letter and join them to the previous ones you drew
  3. Show the interceptions between the lines
  4. Keep the letters the same height and width


  1. Start by drawing the outlines and then work on the inside
  2. Make the letters the same size
  3. Use the same pattern inside
  4. Make a small shadow for each letter using a thin pen

You may be wondering, what can I use calligraphy for? To start off, you can now handwrite your thank you notes, holiday cards, happy birthday letters, invitations…. You can make beautiful titles for your notebooks; you can frame your work and hang it on your wall, or you can even turn it into a gift for a loved one. I hoped you enjoyed these examples and I urge you to try your own!

Stay tuned, coming up soon are some fall DIY, Halloween crafts and much more!

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